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PRD Oil Customer Testimonials

Identity concealed due to oil distributorship with global oil supplier:

"We ran PRD ALKY oil in our turbocharged modified for a few hooks and noticed when we now shut the engine down the turbos continue to spin for an extended period of time.  That has not been the case with other oils we have tried."

Brent Naylor "Elbow Deep" PPL Superfarm
"I ran PRD oil for a number of hooks and then sent it off for lab analysis.  The oil held up as well as any big name oils I have tried, and this oil didn't make all the white condensated globs all over the valve cover and other parts of my engine as other brands do."


Belknap Pulling Team  "High On Red", "Nothing But Red" ITTPA Profarm
             "The oils excellent lubricating characteristics helped our equipment get through a long aggressive season and contributed to our ITTPA points championship." 

Tom Nicholas " Juggernaut" 2.6 Truck
 "After seeing the engine oil in action and its ability to protect engine internals, I chose to not have the expense of boring the cam towers and installing bushings in a cummins 2.6 truck build, the cam and tower bores still look like the day it was installed."

Elwood Sickler- "Naturally Red" PPL Superfarm
I ran PRD oil and due to circumstances at a pull we had a lot of run time on a dry block engine to the point the paint on the oil pan was starting to bubble, I changed the oil and continued to run the engine for the rest of the season with no internal engine damage."

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