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New State of the Art Engineered Dyno Test Cell
Our Proven and Reliable System can test engines up to 8000HP
Torque up to 6000Ft/lbs!!!


Dyno Rates Starting at $85/hr

Synchronizing Engine Systems for Peak Performance and Reliability

Bring your engine to our facilty for fast, reliable dyno testing.   We will work with you to help you achieve your goals.  We have a complete shop to repair, replace, fabricate, or upgrade your components.
  • Custom Dyno Programming
  • R&D Programs available

We are Discreet and Professional!!!



Engines we have had on our dyno and the HP gains achieved:
  • 358 DIRT Modified Engine

*gained 8% more HP!!!*

  • ASCS 360ci Sprint Car engine

*gained 10% more HP!!!*

  • Super Stock Pulling Engine

*gained 15% more HP!!!*

  • KT Cummins Pulling Engine

*gained 50% more HP!!!*

  • 540ci Blown Alcohol Injected Engine

*gained 80% more HP!!!*